Course curriculum

Test drive our course (5 free foundational modules)

    1. Acquire your team's character strength assessment link (online assessments)

    2. Receive each coach and athlete's strength profile reports

    3. Receive our popular team character summary chart

    4. Receive a team presentation kit - with videos and PowerPoint slides

    1. Introduction to the DISC human behavior model

    2. The 4 primary personality strengths explained

    3. The value each style brings to the team

    4. What each primary strength style needs - for more confidence

    5. How to communicate to CONNECT with each style

    6. The "likes" and "dislikes" of each style

    7. Coach interaction guide (roadmap)

    8. Video to share with the team - teambuilder

    9. 3 Teambuilder activities and materials to support valueing each other

    1. Introduction to culture

    2. Goals versus Standards

    3. Empowering athletes with leadership roles and responsibilities

    4. Culture: How to build the foundation

    5. Culture: How to set expectations

    6. Culture: How to hold people accountable

    1. Introduction to feedback

    2. Separate the person from the behavior

    3. Feed-Forward, not backwards

    4. Provide a message of high utility

    5. Feedback framework

    6. 3rd party compliments

    1. The ECO system

    2. Developing a season plan

    3. Leadership council

    4. After Action Reviews - with parent group

    5. Individual development plan - with athlete & parents

    6. How to deal with parents who are separated/divorced

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  • 36 lessons
  • Coach Communication Roadmap
  • Personalized reports for each athlete
  • Team character report

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